KOS-headshot-finI have been teaching yoga and meditation for almost a decade and have been lucky enough to study with incredible teachers like Cyndi Lee, Gina Norman, and Leslie Kaminoff.

My physical practice of yoga is influenced enormously by my study of Buddhism and meditation. I have studied with David Nichtern completing the OM meditation teacher training.  As a result of David’s encouragement, I have done meditation retreats to Karmê Chöling in Vermont and completed levels I-V in the Shambhala curriculum.

In many ways my practice was an academic endeavor, I am interested in body and minds and the way they work.  This changed in 2009 when we adopted our youngest child.  We had two young children already and decided to pay it forward on my husbands adoption and adopt our third child.  She is funny, and bright and she is also severely autistic.

Parenting a special needs child while also trying to create a stable, predictable and happy life for my sons has been a challenge. Equanimity takes work, and for me it has been enormous challenge to learn its true meaning.

Writing has been a way for me to make sense of it all.  In addition to my writings here, I am working on a book about caring for people you love who can’t care for themselves.

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