4607640257Sometimes on a weekend, the idea of making a balanced vegan, gluten free meal for my kids sounds impossibly exhausting. They are adventurous and appreciative eaters, but part of the reason they are so open to trying new foods and flavors is because they see how much effort goes into preparing these meals. On a recent Saturday, I decided to surprise them with a lunch that bridged the space between junky and healthy. I had made the veggie burgers the day before, I used the recipe from http://www.ohsheglows.com


However, store bought veggie burgers would work fine for this if you don’t feel like making them from scratch.

I then toasted Gluten Free bread and sliced avocados and put them on the burgers. One boy loves spicy miso on his, the other kids prefer “no sauce.” I put the whole meal into the category of jaw dropping amazing, by serving it with Ian’s gluten free onion rings. It looked and tasted like comfort food, and while you wouldn’t want to make the onion rings an everyday thing they are a very good treat.

The whole meal probably took 10 minutes to make….It was a good reminder that sometimes a healthy meal can be assembled rather than chopped, blended and marinaded….