It may never warm up…

I don’t know anyone who isn’t super sick of this winter… It’s March. Winter is no longer cute, its charms have worn thin and the filthy snow hangover feels like nature’s walk of shame.

These days I can’t get enough soup. A big pot in the fridge is like money in the bank — a quick healthy meal in minutes.

soup3For this particular soup, start with water, add mushrooms, onion, ginger, potato, cashews, salt, and pepper, then let them all boil together. I went and took a shower and checked my email, so it was maybe forty minutes. After everything is sufficently soft, I threw it all in the Vita-mix and blended until smooth. It is super rich and filling, and definitely warms up a cold day…

4 cups water
2.5 cups mushrooms
1 yellow onion
1 medium sized red potato
1 small chunk fresh ginger (i ove ginger, but skip it if you don’t)
1/4 cup cashew
Salt and pepper to taste
Garnish with fresh cilantro